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Tips for a perfect date

Whether this is your first time or not,

Mutual respect is a great turn on. The more you behave like a gentleman, the more we will respond and the more you will benefit.

Clairvoyance is not our thing, so we recommend you speak up. Tell us what you desire and ask us for what we like. Not all girls offer all the services, and this doesn’t make us unprofessional, it is just that each one of us decides how far we are willing to go.

Cleanliness turns us all on, we don’t mean it in the sense of squeaky clean and fully perfumed. We refer to cleaning your private parts prior to our date and we’ll appreciate it.​

Do not exceed your intake of drugs and alcohol. You’re no longer a teenager, darling.​

Any sort of violence will automatically end the date.​

Could you imagine arguing with a vending machine to give you the coke before introducing coins? You shall always pay before the date starts.​

Do not negotiate the price nor the time, these are not negotiable.​

Girls always bring condoms and use them. Let’s not argue about this on our date because it isn’t negotiable.

If one day we come across each other on the street, don’t worry, we’ll not say hi or anything like that; we’ve never seen each other, we’ve never met each other. We beg you, please, to do the same, since for many of us, working as an escort is a secret kept away from our families. Privacy and discretion are also very important to us. What we had together will always be our secret never to be told.​

We emphasize the importance of communication; the more you talk to us, the more we get to know one another, so we can make each other happy. You can ask questions such as: What do you fancy? What are you into? Are you ok? Can I do this? Would you like me to call you ****? Would you like me to slow down?​

Is everything clear now? Then you’re ready to choose your perfect escort.

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