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My first time with an Escort

Booking your first escort can be a daunting experience … if this is your first time, you should read my story to gain some confidence and reassurance.

Like many men, the physical side of my long-term relationship had long since deteriorated.  I had tried affairs and considered leaving my partner, but the reality was that the only things missing were some intimate affection and sex.  I discovered that these services are readily available on the open market and the only obstacles to choosing the right escort are courage and careful research.  Buying the services of an escort has changed my life; it’s so much more convenient and far less emotionally stressful!

I chose my first escort carefully.  She was the right age, a perfect shape, she described precisely what services she would provide and those that she would not (this is important to read and accept without question) and the only step to take was to make the booking.  It’s important to inform your chosen girl that this is all new to you.  Choose a nice hotel, make sure access to your room doesn’t require access keys, and then sit and wait.  It is natural for your heart to be pounding at this point, and feeling a little nervous is quite normal!

When the door knock came a few minutes later than expected (was she going to turn up or not?  Of course she was!) I opened the door and could not have been more pleasantly surprised.  I was actually stunned: she was absolutely gorgeous, smiling, beautifully dressed, and came into my room to give me a big reassuring hug.  Professional escorts know how you feel on the first occasion, and are able to make you feel totally relaxed and at ease.  If you can provide some wine or perhaps some other refreshment, this will ease the tension but it is important not to get drunk … you will waste your time and your money!

It wasn’t more than 15 minutes before she was helping me undress and encouraging me to do the same for her, and we were soon intimately exploring each other.  I can honestly say that the next two hours were more enjoyable and exciting than anything I had ever experienced in many decades of sexual activity.  She deserved and received respect for her own wishes and boundaries, which should be followed without expecting favours or special treatment.  Respectable escorts have standards of their own, and we have no right to expect them to be exceeded!

My first experience was so enjoyable that I have booked the same escort 5 or 6 times and never looked any further.  She has been so accommodating that a respectful and mutual friendship has developed (not a relationship … never expect that because it will end your bookings with her) and I believe she looks forward to our meeting as much as I do.  As I mentioned earlier, the whole experience has changed my life and now provides me with everything I could ever ask for without the emotional attachment.  I will never look back or regret my first appointment with this wonderful escort.