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How to be an Escort Girl

How to be an Escort Girl, what this entails and how to face things if you decide to be a Lumi

Make no mistake, being an Escort Girl is not sewing and singing, nor is it available to all women . The truth is that it is an activity of a very personal nature that can be a very good thing sometimes and quite the opposite in others. It takes a very special woman to become an Escort and even more to be able to remain an Escort for years.

What is an Escort Girl ?

The term was borrowed from English, it is called ” Scort “, ” Escort Girl ” or ” Call Girl “, mainly to beautiful women with “class” whose activity (main or secondary) is to be ” paid escorts “, not necessarily They practice prostitution although it is usual for this to happen (it depends on each circumstance), but if they do, it will always be in a very different way from the usual concept we have of it. They provide their accompaniment services to events, meetings, parties, or sometimes they are simply required to keep company in social events or to talk (hence the need to have class, training and discretion above the average). Those who request these ladies’ services are often solitary men, who are just passing through, or married men who want an adventure without compromise and with the maximum guarantees of “class and discretion”.

An Escort Girl is therefore much more than a simple prostitute , it is a concept that in some cultures responds to a whole philosophy of life (Japanese geisha are a clear example of this)

Do you want to be an Escort Girl ?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before making such an important decision that it can mean taking a radical turn in your current life.

  • Am I really ready to commit to being an Escort Girl ?
  • Do I enjoy the idea of ​​being in the company of other men and receiving money in return?
  • Can I tell my family, partner or friends? Will they discover it? And if that happens, am I ready for your reaction?
  • Can I handle the emotional effects, present and future, of being or having been an Escort Girl ?

If your answer is yes, what are the benefits of being an Escort Girl?

  • You feel sexy, special and sure of yourself
  • They pay you for being pampered
  • You can meet men and have nothing to tie you to them
  • You choose the hours you work
  • Normally you will earn a lot of money
  • You can be a Lumi and do other activities (study or have another job)

I want to be an Escort Girl , how do I enter that world?

¿ Agency or Escort independent ?

Whether you decide to collaborate with Escort Girls Mallorca or with other Escort Agencies :

  • Investigate the different Escort Agencies in your environment. Choose those that inspire you the best reputation, are well managed and offer you all kinds of guarantees and discretion in their relationship with you
  • Check their security measures (that they can watch over you at all times)
  • Ask the agency to inform you about the basic security measures they adopt, and on which they base customer satisfaction.
  • Previously agree on the economic benefits that your relationship will bring you and the way in which these will be delivered to you
  • Finally and after a short trial period, check if you really feel comfortable with them (you should feel comfortable with the people with whom you are collaborating)
  • If you do not choose an agency and decide to be an Independent Escort , you must assume that it will be harder and possibly more dangerous

Final advice whether you were working as an Independent Escort or for an Agency

  • Live a healthy life, exercise, put on makeup and groom to be pretty and attractive at all times, take care of your hairstyle and clothing with special interest
  • Of course avoid taking any kind of drugs. Alcohol will not benefit you either, drink free of it
  • It would be advisable that you have a professional photo book. Photos must be sensual but not offensive
  • Check yourself often for sexually transmitted diseases, always carry condoms with you. You must know how to order and ensure that protection is used. For your own safety, never give up on it under any circumstances and under any pretext, even at the risk of bothering or losing your client.
  • It is you who decides what you want to do and what not . Decide what your limitations will be in terms of establishing relationships, (let them kiss you, accept certain practices …)
  • Do not try to browse the private lives of your clients, or make any type of comment about their lifestyle, moral or personal, try at all times to know how to listen and positively value their comments
  • Be polite at all times even if you do not reach an agreement with the client
  • Payment for the services of an Escort is normally called a donation or gift and must be accepted discreetly and elegantly , never turning it into a simple commercial transaction. Never reduce the price (who wants something unique and special must be aware of its cost)
  • Finally, protect your true identity, find a pseudonym that you like and like others, never reveal your personal data to your customers, or say how much money you earn monthly or if you have money kept at home. Use a specific mobile number for your work, never provide the “private”, be especially careful with social networks because if you create a profile on them your customers could recognize you and thus access your personal data and all your contacts.

An Escort Girl is much more than a simple company woman , educated, educated with conversation, they can dress elegantly to accompany a party or make all the fantasies of their client come true, discretion is part of their lives, their sole objective is to satisfy the needs of their companions , make them feel for a few hours a special person, living with them a paradise of desire, passion and, where appropriate, sex, wherever they are willing to take their imagination.

A role like this is best suited for a strong, self-confident woman who wants independence and distance from the rest and who is still able to communicate properly and understand the needs of others, whatever they may be.

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