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The Girlfriend Experience, or GFE

The GFE is an experience that extends the sexual experience to include kissing, caressing and the kind of warm affection that you would expect from your girlfriend.  In reality it is part-time love when you need it the most.

The GFE service requires a longer encounter between the man and the escort because it includes practices that go beyond sex. It offers that emotional closeness that isn’t present in other services. The girl creates a warm atmosphere of affection, sweetness and pampering through words and kisses, providing that emotional involvement that the man is looking for.

The escort will focus on making the man feel loved and admired, she’ll listen to him if he needs to talk and will pamper him with caresses to make the encounter a source of emotional well-being. All of this, but without forgetting the sexual act he also wants in his encounter with the professional but experiencing it from a more emotional and warm approach. This service, increasingly in demand, makes that recurring fantasy … of having a stunning girlfriend devoted to sex and affectionate at the same time … come true.