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French kiss

Kissing is the first expression of affection. French kisses express infinite passion and the beginning of an intense and exciting sexual encounter.

The French kiss is the term that refers to tongue kisses in the mouth. Kisses that stimulate and excite the sexual act offer more intensity to your encounter. Kisses are part of the foreplay to induce excitement and can also produce a sensation of greater proximity and romanticism to the sexual encounter with the escort girl.

Our Latina escorts that offer the French kiss service are therefore creating a greater intimacy in the sexual exchange, adding warmth and closeness, but this also increases the sexual excitement as the tongue and saliva produce an immediate response that increases pleasure.

Kisses create union and a multitude of emotions: they can be tender or very intense, delicate or more provocative. Any contact with the tongue increases the sexual desire for both parties. Not all girls offer intimate kissing but many of our escorts practice the French kiss and are real experts in the art.This service will give enhanced passion to your encounter and will make you feel more connected.